About Wholly Joy

Wholly Joy is a milk producing firm which provides 100% organic cow milk to people residing in Delhi and its neighboring places like Noida and Gurgaon. The firm provides fresh cow milk every morning at the doorstep of millions of people residing in the capital city of the country. Apart from cow milk which is obviously the main product by Wholly Joy, they also deliver organic milk. People in the recent years are very much health conscious and are quite cautious about the quality of food.Wholly Joy, the most reputed milk firm reaches out to many people with their best organic milk. At Wholly Joy, the process of milking takes place twice a day, once in the morning and then in the evening. The farm fresh milk that they produce is delivered across the city buy their own milk men.The cow milk delivered by Wholly Joy has got different variations as per the taste and flavor. Some of the popular pure cow milk variations are Creamy Cow Milk, Halwai Special cow Milk, Indian cow Milk and there are many in the list.

Local Organic dairy has a huge amount of pure Milk, dairying is a source of income for millions of rural milk producers, It's our priority and responsibility to gather quality milk, we took the milk from rural villages of India and purify thye milk as per the standards. It is more important to have a producer-centric institutional structures that strictly conform to cooperative principles and provide rural milk producers a greater access to the organized market. Wholly Joy Milk is connected with 500 villages which is one of the income of source for rural milk producers.

Over 10,000 Farmers associate with us. A farmer’s choice of system will depend upon the resources and space available on the farm, the characteristics of the milk required by the purchaser and the capital available.
The choice of system is the farmer’s,but whether the unit is large or small, fully grazed or indoor, animal health and welfare are key concerns.

We have over 45 products and for those products we have 9 chilling centers in pan India. To maintain the milk quality we have a huge milk container which milk handling capacity is 3.6 Lakh Liters per day handling capacity. For the milk farm milk storage is one of the important factories in terms of quality, purpose and we are the one who gives the main priority to milk quality.

Employee is the one who makes the pillar for any organization, Employee makes a huge difference to grow any firm or organization with the help of their contributions. Wholly Joy Milk have over 540 Employees who work delicately 24*7 for his customer. Our employee works from milk collection to milk deliver for our happy customer.


Wholly Cow Organic Milk

Wholly Cow is a brand which stands for providing farm fresh organic Cow Milk. Our cows are fed with a balanced ration incorporating all vital nutrients (energy, proteins, minerals and vitamins) in right proportions.

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Wholly Joy Milk

Wholly Joy Milk is an honest attempt to serve nutritious, chemical-free and preservative-free milk. It's an equivalent of serving fresh whole milk from your own farm while being present in an urban living.

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